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"Khanitha was very well received. I am so glad you were able to put us in touch with her for the event. I felt like she was really able to communicate our good thoughts and words to our client clearly, and vice versa she was really good at telling us what our partner expressed. We did have someone who had accompanied the client on the trip the past six years tell her that this was also the first time she understood what was going on at these events. Please send my thanks to her and I would love to recommend her to anyone at the club who have guests from Thailand over."

Manchester United Football Club

"I would like to express my thanks for the services provided by Khanitha, the Thai interpreter who worked with us and our Thai client, she was exceptionally well prepared and didn’t miss a word in either direction. If the opportunity arises for us to speak with Thai customers again, I for sure would like to work with Khanitha once more."   

Senior Sale Engineer, Rapiscan Systems

"Very satisfied. Will instruct again. Excellent translation and a very happy client"

MSB Solicitors


Fantastic person, helped with the client massively. 
Freelance Barrister


"I approached Khanitha seeking advice on getting an emotionally distressing medical document translated. Within days she had completed a very professional translation at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend her services."

Genealogist at Yesterday Genealogy

"I am really impressed and pleased with Khanitha. Her quality of work was outstanding and she was a pleasure to work with."  

Police Constable at West Midlands Police

"Interpreter was outstanding. The quality was so different from the previous two interpreters. Her understanding of the issues and capacity to explain was excellent. The client felt comfortable and relaxed."​

Children Guardian, CAFCASS

"Khanitha was an excellent interpreter. She explained everything well and gave plenty of time to write the answers down. and for the client to give her answers/ questions."   

Carers Development Worker, Carers Links Lancashire

"The session was very successful. All information received as needed. Khanitha interpreted excellently and was very polite."​

Social Services, Merseyside

Please thank Khanitha again for Friday's session which went very well. She was fantastic to work with and both Denise (Speech and Language Therapist) and I were very happy with the session.​

 Community Neurological Rehab

I also want to repeat my sincere thanks to Khanitha for her professional, respectful and clear communication throughout our meeting yesterday. I was very impressed, particularly with the additional use of the AA platform.
Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist HSE West,
Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team

"Very helpful and emphatic towards the patient. The best interpreter I have worked with."​

Mental Health Team, Tadcaster

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